Carlotta Cataldi worked with us on two occasions as a graphic recorder. This was a new experience for us and we were very happy with the result. Not only did it help to concretely visualize concepts during our events and help us to articulate better our strategy moving forward, but it also provided us with images to use in our communication after the event.
We have framed posters in our meeting rooms, which act as a constant reminder and lasting souvenir of the work done during our global team meeting in Barcelona.

Carlotta is very professional, with a great personality and it is a pleasure to work with her.
— Mieke Van de Capelle, Firmenich
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"The visioning was a very important step to realize what I really want in life. This mental exercise freed me from thinking "in boxes", in regards to social life, career plans and partnership. During the process, I could just lean back and dream of the ideal plan for the whole of my life.

This exercise felt really good and complete and it was the first step toward the realization of my plans.


Carlotta and I did the visioning almost three years ago. Now, almost everything has come true. I transferred the plan into everyday life, worked very hard, step by step, always keeping in mind the most important goals. I did all those little steps and work for a bigger cause".


A year ago I had the opportunity to create a vision with Carlotta. At first I was a bit skeptical about the process, I don’t have much experience with these things. But Carlotta’s brilliant graphic facilitation helped me to relax into the process, I was mesmerized with the way she connected images with words and concepts. It was a very inspiring experience, and much more importantly, the vision that we created come into being a few months later. Highly recommended!